Consultancy Services

We have years of experience developing and applying cutting-edge statistical methods to address real-world problems


Our Team Members have internationally leading expertise in applied biostatistics, covering a broad range of topics such as survival analysis, multi-state modelling, joint modelling, relative survival and data visualisation. We have years of experience conducting statistical analyses of clinical trials, observational and register-based studies, across numerous clinical areas.

Methods development

We are leaders in the development and application of cutting-edge statistical methods, with all of our team members actively involved in methodological research. We can provide expert guidance in finding the appropriate statistical approach to answer your question… and if there isn’t yet a method, well, we can help develop one.

Software application

Using one of our freely available software packages in your project? We have in house experts in development and application of statistical software, ready to provide direct advice and guidance on how to make the most of our cutting-edge solutions. Arrange a one-on-one session, or consider our range of training courses.

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State-of-the-art statistical models for modern HTA

At @RedDoorAnalytics, we develop methodology and software for efficient modelling of biomarkers, measured repeatedly over time, jointly with survival outcomes, which are being increasingly used in cancer settings. We have also developed methods and software for general non-Markov multi-state survival analysis, allowing for the development of more plausible natural history models, where patient history can […]
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Multilevel (hierarchical) survival models: Estimation, prediction, interpretation

Hierarchical time-to-event data is common across various research domains. In the medical field, for instance, patients are often nested within hospitals and regions, while in education, students are nested within schools. In these settings, the outcome is typically measured at the individual level, with covariates recorded at any level of the hierarchy. This hierarchical structure […]
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Statistical Primers

What are competing risks?

Competing risks In survival analysis, competing risks refer to the situation when an individual is at risk of experiencing an event that precludes the event under study to occur. Competing risks commonly occur in studies of cause-specific mortality, as all other causes of death than the one under study might happen before the individuals “have […]
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